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ACT Initiative

Reconstructing Communities

Shankill Office: 178-180 Shankill Rd, Belfast BT13 2BH

What Do We Do?

We Support Our Community

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Area Action Groups

An Area Action Group is the means for implementing and demonstrating conflict transformation. We have 9 of these groups, managed on a voluntary basis, throughout Northern Ireland. The Area Action Group model provides opportunities for former - combatants to develop collaborative partnerships with voluntary, community and statutory agencies.

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Talks & Museum

"From the signing of the Covenant to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement". Our central office hosts a permanent exhibition of genuine articles and artifacts associated with our political history. On average, 500 visitors each year participate in our interactive workshops. We always strive to participate in a number of educational talks and museum visits each year.

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Community Events

Throughout Northern Ireland, ACT volunteers host, facilitate and participate in a range of community events. Often, these are determined by the needs of the community and can vary considerably. At present, we have on-going events which include the participation of men, women and children, such as our community garden, mental health training and training in employability skills.