Action for Community Transformation (the ACT Initiative), is a transformation initiative which supports former combatants province-wide, in the post ceasefire climate. Through tailored training and support, ACT builds the capacity of its members, supporting them to engage in the social, economic and political structures of Northern Ireland. ACT also encourages its members  to embrace new, positive leadership roles within their local communities.

Since 2008, ACT has engaged hundreds of former combatants in its capacity building, conflict and community transformation processes. In one three year period alone for example, 1647 participants engaged with the initiative, which is currently supporting 9 Area Action Groups (AAG) across the province.

Upon the completion of training which begins with self-reflection, ACT members tend to join AAGs which are rooted in  community development principles. Within these groups, ACT members engage with the wider community, tailoring their voluntary efforts to the specific needs within a given locality.


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