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Our Journey – Our Narrative

Our Journey – Our Narrative

On the 11th July the ACT Initiative Building (Shankill Road at corner of Northumberland St) will be open for visitors to view the Museum and Exhibition without having to make a booking.

From 10am and on the hour every hour we will accommodate as many as possible to take part in “Our Journey – Our Narrative”, this includes a tour and a short talk lasting just under 1 hour.

“Our Journey – Our Narrative”


From the signing of the Covenant to the signing of the Belfast Agreement. This exhibition charts the major political developments which led to the creation of the Northern Ireland state, the social and political unrest that followed and the events which secured peace in the province.

In parallel, “Our Journey – Our Narrative” provides an insight into the journey of ACT members during the latter period of our recent history, as well as their efforts at securing peace and their endeavours to transform themselves in the post ceasefire climate.

This permanent exhibition is invaluable to those who are interested in Northern Ireland’s past and the efforts of former combatants at the grassroots level to emerge from the shadows.


ACT Initiative Team