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Area Action Groups

“The past may dictate who we are, but we get to

determine what we will become”

ACT believe that training and education are key components of capacity building for individuals, organisations and communities to transform and sustain peace.

As such, ACT members complete an initial training program which is delivered over a 12 week period. This training starts with the individual through self-reflection and self-development processes and ends with the positive contribution they can make within their communities and society at large.

Training is delivered in an environment which is safe, comfortable and conducive to learning. The facilitator(s) work with participants, covering a number of teaching modules from self-awareness, group dynamics and restorative practices to positive leadership roles. Participants are encouraged to discuss their real life experiences, which enables them to explore their role in the past, in order for them to look forward

After the completion of training, ACT members form Area Action Groups (AAG) which are rooted in community development principles. There are currently 9 AAGs across the province, whereby  ACT members liaise with the wider community to; establish/build relationships with statutory agencies, community stakeholders, residents and others, to identify issues which require a community development approach.

To all our membership – we draw attention to the fact that as a registered charity we are governed by the policies of the NI Charities Commission.  As such, we request that you be mindful that it is a breach of the Commission’s rules to promote a specific political party or its individual candidates.  Whilst we do not request that our membership refrain from political activity, any postings in support of a political party should be confined to personal social media outlets and not to those administered by The ACT Initiative.

The work of AAGs to date is reflective of the efforts of former combatants at the grassroots level in their endeavors to assume full and meaningful citizenship, against the backdrop of the policies and mind-sets of those conceding legitimacy to former combatants and their work. All ACT members are involved in the program and the AAGs on a voluntary basis. Stay up to date with the latest ACT news here.